Upload Files to Total Digital Image

TDI Direct Digital Print service is for photographers and studios who wish to take charge of their digital files and control their own complete file preparation including sizing, cropping, borders and color calibration before printing.

Direct digital prints are printed on on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper (Glossy or Pearl) and are available in sizes varying form 4x6 to 12x18.

Our printers are calibrated daily in accordance with very strict procedures and we guaranty density and color consistency of our digital prints provided that your files are prepared to our exact specifications.


1 - Request your own FTP account on our FTP server by contacting us at lab@tdimage.com.au. Include your full name and telephone number in your e-mail. You will receive login instructions, user name and password within 24 hours.

2 - Upload your files by following the instructions provided.

You will be able to upload your files using our convenient Web based FTP server.
To access our Web based FTP server, use the link "upload your files" at www.tdimage.com.au under "registered User"
or click here: ftp://tdimage.com.au

If you have more than 20 files, we recommend that you upload your digital files directly to the server using a standard FTP software such as:
For Mac: Fetch, Transmit
For PC: CuteFTP, AbsoluteFTP, BulletProof

Make sure your files do not have any spaces or special characters (such as $#.%*/) in the name and that your files are prepared and saved exactly to our "file preparation" specifications outlined below.
Depending on your internet connection and the size of the files, file transfer can take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours.

3.  Send an e-mail to lab@tdimage.com.au to confirm your transfer.
Important: Your order will not be processed until your email has been received!


Since Direct Digital Print files are printed "as is",  we must receive your files "print ready". Print quality, size or color cannot be guaranteed unless your files are prepared to exact specifications below.

1.   Prepare your image exactly as you wish it printed, including all cropping, borders and color adjustments.

2.   Size to exact final print size at 300 dpi (Ex: 11”x14” @300 dpi)

3.   Color space should be : RGB,  8-bit with layers flattened

4.   Convert file to the SRBG photoshop printer profile. 
5.   Save files  as Level 10 standard JPEG format .

JPEG compression is a very efficient image compression standard. You will not see a difference between a Level 10 JPEG and a TIFF printed to photographic paper.
JPEG compression is perfect for  transient files for sending to the lab for printing, but avoid using the compression as a working file type. Also  avoid opening a JPEG, making changes, and resaving it again as a JPEG repeatedly. If your workflow calls for this to  happen, save your files as TIFF or PSD files until they are complete and ready for output, at which time you should save  them as a level 10 JPEG. Any JPEG  artifacts you see in your prints come from the JPEG file coming out of your camera,  not from  saving them as a level 10 for output purposes.

6.    Files must be organized in folders by print size and paper type
       Ex: “5x7 Glossy” or  “8x10 Pearl”
       One print will be made from every file submitted unless quantity is specified on the
       folder Ex: “3 of each 8x10 glossy”

Please be extremely careful to follow above instructions as you will be charged for all files submitted for printing. In addition, if we have to manipulate or adjust the files, Custom Digital Print prices will apply.


Direct digital prints are affordably priced for the volume photographer who shoot digital or film.
Print orders are completed within 2 days and Quantity prints within 3 to 5 days.